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The 10 Most Evocative Panoramic Train Journeys in Europe

There are many ways to explore the world, but one of the best and perhaps the most “suggestive” is the train. The means of transport that revolutionized the last century has, in recent decades, given way to the plane, whose costs are increasingly reduced. This circumstance has not, however, managed to undermine the magic of […]

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Can CBD Be Taken on the Plane?

The CBD flowers are always consumed for various health reasons. And its beneficial effects are so well known that more and more people can’t help but put it in their vacation or business travel suitcase. Unfortunately, however, as we know well, in some countries CBD is still often confused with THC, which is the active […]

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4 Ways to Travel to Europe Without Taking a Plane

Do you want to reduce your foot carbon print but don’t want to give up traveling? Here are four ways to travel to Europe without flying. There are many alternatives to flying to get around Europe during the holidays, and there are also websites dedicated to alternative means of transport. While low-cost flights have made […]